Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annual Whale Count, January 26, February 23, and March 30, 2013

On your next visit to Hawaii, do something different and join other conservation minded residents and visitors for the Sanctuary Ocean Count project. This annual whale count gives you the opportunity to view these creatures in their natural habitat and participate in the conservation of humpback whales in a state-wide effort to estimate their population.

The count is held on the last Saturday of January, February, and March (during peak whale season) of each year from 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

The sight of a whale breaching must rank among the most magnificent natural spectacles on earth! You can help ensure the survival of these majestic creatures.

Group leaders guide volunteers in a systematic count at selected shorelines and lookout points around the Islands including our very own lagoon four in Ko Olina. Leaders provide the necessary tools and information. Visit the Website for further details on how to participate.

From our Beach Villas property on Lagoon Two, stroll along the beach boardwalk to Lagoon Four which is just a few minutes away on foot. Stop off at Kolohe's on Lagoon Three for a delicious refreshment or for some morning coffee on your way too or from. Give yourself about 30 minutes for a leisurely stroll and refreshments. (You can also watch the Whales from your balcony if your villa is on a higher floor and has an ocean view.)

Site 2: Ko `Olina, Lagoon Four
Elevation: 10-40 feet
Comments: Good viewing site.
Bathymetry: The shallow reef here (3 fathoms) includes a complex reef bottom with a mixture of limestone boulders and outcrops, as well as hard bottom and rubble. Further offshore, at approximately 3-10 fathoms, the bottom is consolidated, grooved limestone with sand in the grooves. Ocean bottom is soft with a strip of limestone sand bottom extending about 875 feet parallel to the shoreline.

So come join us at the annual Whale count, it would be our pleasure!

The Hardings--
Homeowners & Proprietors, the Beach Villa Resort

The Hardings--
Homeowners & Proprietors, the Beach Villa Resort

The Beach Villa Resort is located in West Oahu within the beautiful Ko Olina Resort. We offer luxurious vacation rentals with two and three bedroom villas right on the beach. Luxury hotel accommodations and amenities at condo prices.

The Ko Olina Resort is located 17 miles from Honolulu International Airport and just over a half-hour’s drive from downtown. If you've been to the Paradise Cove Luau or have been shuttled from Waikiki to golf, you've already been to our beautiful resort. Click HERE for reservations

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